raw material processing plant

Raw material introduction:

Pulverized coal in the suspended state in the furnace combustion, coal in most of the fuel can burn out inside the furnace, and pulverized coal non-combustible material (mainly for the ash content) of a large number of mixed in high temperature flue gas.These non-combustible material under high temperature and partial melting, at the same time due to the effect of surface tension, formed a large number of small spherical particles.Under the effect of extraction of induced draft fan for boiler tail, contains a lot of ash furnace tail flue gas flow direction. Part with the loss of the flue gas temperature, the melting of fine particle in vitreous state by a certain degree of rapid cooling, thus has the high activity of potential. Before the induced draft fan will smoke into the atmosphere, these tiny spherical particle, after dust catcher, separation, collection, is the fly ash.Chemical composition of fly ash and clay mass similar to that of main composition is sio2, 3 oxidation 2 aluminium, ferric oxide, calcium oxide and carbon burnout.

Coal powder processing technic:

Shanghai XSM coal powder grinding mill will coal ash with reasonable energy consumption, simple technological process, low moisture, to waste, realize the double harvest of social benefits and economic benefits. Coal powder dryers are widely used to solve the pollution of fly ash as well as the disposal of the problem, at the same time also make fly ash, waste increases the economic benefits, to make coal ash has been widely used. In the comprehensive utilization of fly ash is mainly to the original ash emissions from coal-fired power plants or to carry on the fine grinding, coarse ash to finished product fineness, make it has a certain hydraulic activity, can produce a mixture of high performance concrete advanced blending superfine ash, and with lime and cement as cementing material, with aluminum powder as the gas agent and the mill grinding, metering, mixing, pouring and quiet park, cutting, pipe, etc, greatly improving the comprehensive utilization of coal powder and the economic benefit.Can achieve all the comprehensive utilization of coal powder, create greater economic benefits.

Coal powder application area:

At present, the coal powder is mainly used to produce fly ash cement, coal powder brick, silicate blocks of coal powder, aerated concrete and other building materials, also can be used as agricultural fertilizer and soil conditioner, recycling industrial raw materials and environmental protection material.

Application of coal powder in cement and concrete engineering: raw material to produce cement, fly ash can replace clay cement mixed material, without clinker cement, mortar or concrete admixture, and the processing of lightweight heat insulation brick.

The application of the coal powder in building products: steamed brick of coal powder, coal powder sintered brick, foam insulation brick of coal powder autoclaved production, processing and silicate blocks of coal powder, coal powder aerated concrete and lytag.

Coal powder as agricultural fertilizer and soil conditioner: coal powder has good physical and chemical properties, can be widely used in heavy clay, raw soil, acidic soil and saline soils, make up for the defect of their acid thin plate, the coal powder contains a large amount of citrate acid soluble silicon calcium magnesium phosphate crops such as the necessary nutrition elements, it can make agricultural fertilizer use.

Recycling industrial raw materials, recovery of coal resources, recycling coal powder contains metals Fe2O3, Al2O3, and a large number of rare metal, also can be sorting centrosphere.


For environmental protection material: can produce molecular sieve, using coal flower flocculants and adsorption materials environmental protection material, fly ash can also be used to deal with fluoride wastewater, electroplating wastewater and wastewater and oily wastewater containing heavy metals examples.


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