pebble processing plant

Description of pebble:

Pebble is a natural stone material burring deep in the ground with sand.It comes from the crust movement which ridge the riverbeds,turning riverbed into gravel mountains.Due to the crust continuous moving,it can be found in hills.It mainly consists of silicon dioxide,a small mount of iron oxides and traces amount of manganese,copper,aluminum, magnesium and some compound. Pebbles come in various colors and textures, and can have streaks of quartz and different colored sedimentary rock.The differences between pebble and cobblestone lie in the size and types. cobblestone means the stone whose external morphology likes goose egg, including natural cobblestone and mechanisms cobblestone two categories.In Geometry, generally ,it refers to the stone of the diameter of 5-12 cm.pebble is completely natural forming, referring to the same shape as eggs, regardless of its size.

Processing technology of pebble:

Because of its widespread and nice appearance,it has been widely used as the ideal material in garden,road,construction stone. It is a perfect green construction material as its hardness and the nature of resistance corrosion.during the pebble processing,it must strike a balance between the high cost and the processing technology.Due to its hardness, it will cause serious damage for the wearing parts like jaw plates,blow bar,and impact it is necessary to choose the crush equipment based on laminated principle in order to reduce this damage.The typical processing is equipped with two pieces of jaw crushers or the combination of a jaw crusher and a cone crusher.currently,the river stone processing equipments from shanghai xuanshi has been widely applied to sand making production.The final product ,which are widely used in garden,road . is popular in the building market because of its good properties.

Application of pebble:

With the development of economy, infrastructure, such as the construction of railways, highways, bridges, water and hydropower projects and other projects, get highly improved.Such construction are inseparable from sand and gravel aggregate.Because of the limited natural gravel resources, more and more manufacturers take use of artificial mechanism gravel. China has a large of pebble resources. the current river gravel aggregate processing production lines have provide a strong guarantee for the supply of high-quality sand and gravel aggregate for country's infrastructure projects. After crushing and processing ,the finished products can be used as essential materials in the water plant, mechanical filters, anion and cation exchangers. Meanwhile pebbles is an ideal green building materials used in public buildings, villas, garden buildings, paved roads, parks rockery, bonsai filling materials, garden art and other senior superstructure,.it can not only promote the ancient oriental culture, but also reflects the Western classical, elegant style


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