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Introduction to Materials:

Dolomite is a carbonate mineral, respectively including anchorite and mangandolomite. Its crystal structure looks like calcite, often formed in rhombohedron; when they encounter cold dilute hydrochloric acid, it will be slowly out of the bubble, and some dolomite are even with bright-orange glow under cathode ray irradiation. Dolomite is the main mineral composition of dolostone and dolomitic limestone. Pure dolomite is white; when it contains iron, it turns gray; after weathering is brown. Marine sedimentary dolomite is normally interceding with siderite layer and lime rock. In lacustrine facies deposition, dolomite is coexisting with gypsum, anhydrite, rock salt and sylvine, etc.

Dolomite processing technology:

As dolomite is widely used, Shanghai xuanshi combines many advantages of traditional milling machinery and equipment and gives full consideration to the need of production and processing under the new environment to upgrade the systematic technology of dolomite mill powder equipment. No matter in dolomite production & processing and other mineral materials processing, it fulfills better in the production requirements of modern energy conservation & environmental protection and large-scale & efficient production. Dolomite mill powder machine is crushing the big materials into small particles and then transferring into the storage bin by elevator, after vibration feeder and the oblique feeding tube, putting the materials evenly on the upper dispersing materials plate of the turntable. Under the action of centrifugal force, material scatters to the round side, falling into the grind ring of the raceway; after three layer ring process of impacting, rolling, grinding by the roller, the material turns into powder, and then the high pressure fan pumps the outside air into machine and brings the crushing material into the powder concentrator. The impellers of the classifier bring coarse material back regrinding, the accept powder will go with airflow into the cyclone powder and discharge through the lower part of the discharge valve turning to be the finished product, while the airflow with a small amount of fine dust discharge through fan and muffler after purified by pulse dust collector.

Dolomite application fields:


Dolomite can be used as the refractory lining of furnace during steelmaking, slagging flux, cement raw material, glass flux, ceramic industry, fertilizer, building and decoration stone, paint, pesticides and medicine, etc. It can also be used in building materials, ceramics, glass and refractory materials, chemical industry and agriculture, environmental protection and energy saving, etc. Firstly, its use the metallurgical industry: dolomite is mainly used as solvent, refractory materials, refined metal magnesium and magnesium chloride in the metallurgical industry. Secondly, its use in the building materials industry: after appropriate calcined, the dolomite can be made into the dolomite lime, it can apply to interior and exterior wall coating for its whiteness, strong adhesion, solidification force , good fireproof and heat insulation performance. Thirdly, its use in the chemical industry: dolomite is mainly used for the production of magnesium sulfate, light magnesium carbonate and other chemical raw materials. Fourthly, its use in agriculture: dolomite can be used as a soil acidity neutralizing agent, because it can neutralize acid-stage caused by using urea fertilizer caused so as to improve crop production. Fifthly, dolomite can be used as the filler in rubber, paper making.


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