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Material Introduction:

Manganese is widely distributed in nature, almost all kinds of ores and silicates contain manganese. The common manganese ores are anhydrous and hydrous oxide manganese and carbonate manganese, there are 150 kinds of known manganese ores but high manganese content and can be concentrated to be economic value there are only 5-6 species, among them the most important and economic valuable are pyrolusite and psilomelane, besides there are manganite, braunite, hausmannite, manganese spar, and etc. Those manganese ores have 50%-70% content of manganese which are the main industrial ores in manganese industry.

Manganese processing:

Shanghai Xuanshi Machinery is a professional manufacture for suppling equipments in manganese ore processing. We supply the whole complete manganese ore processing equipments according to customers’ needs. Our company is devoted to research and development in manganese ore processing technology, exploiting the newest and high performance solutions and designs for our customers continually. Our performance advantages :1, advanced ore beneficiation principle, reliable operation. 2, increased comprehensive performance. 3, convenient maintenance, save time. 4, large capacity and high efficiency. 5, investment benefits in short time.

Manganese ore application:

Manganese is the necessary raw material in iron and steel industry. Manganese is a strong reductive agent, it can absorb all the oxygen in the liquid steel , make no oxide iron in the steel, making imperforate steel ingot. Besides, manganese is a very good desulfurizing agent, it can get rid of all the sulphuret in the liquid steel , and the mechanical property of steel like tensility, malleability, toughness and wear resistance, will be highly increased by adding s small amount of manganese. Manganese steel , manganese iron and other alloy manganese with copper , aluminum, nickle,cobalt and others have important applied in industry. 1, in ferrous metallurgy: premium grade manganese ore containing iron can be smelt to standard ferromanganese. 2, in non-ferrous metallurgical field, alloy of manganese and copper can be used to make preservative metal receptacles. 3, in chemical industry , manganese dioxide(pyrolusite) can be used as negative agent in dry battery production, and be drying agent in oil paint production.


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if you have any questions,plese contact us,we will reply with in 24 hours!