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Copper ore is mined from cooper mine, and can be high grade copper concentrate or copper sand after beneficiation, and copper concentrate can be refined copper and copperware after smelting and purifying. Copper ore has many types: mainly are natural copper, copper pyrites, bornite, copper glance, blue copper covellite and etc. Copper ore is mainly used as raw material in metallurgical industry.

Copper ore processing:

Shanghai Xuanshi Machinery is a professional manufacture for suppling equipments in copper ore processing. We supply the whole complete copper ore processing equipments according to customers’ needs. Our company is devoted to research and development in copper ore processing technology, exploiting the newest and high performance solutions and designs for our customers continually. Our performance advantages :
1, advanced ore beneficiation principle, reliable operation.
2, increased comprehensive performance.
3, convenient maintenance, save time.
4, large capacity and high efficiency.
5, investment benefits in short time.


Copper is non-ferrous metal that related closely to human’s life, it is widely used in electric, light industry , machinery manufacture, construction and national defence industry , its consume quantity in non-ferrous metals is second to Aluminum.
1, In powder industry, copper is mainly used to make power transmission line , cable, busbar, transformer, switch, interconnecting devices and connector and so on.
2, In electrics, copper can be used to make electron tube, high and ultrahigh transmitting tube, crossing catheter and magnetron.
3, In energy and petrochemical industry , copper can be used to make condenser plate and pipe.
4, In Communication industry , copper is one of the standard materials in ship construction.
5, In machinery and metallurgy industry , copper is used to improve the intensity of the steel and resistance to the ocean corrosivity and air .


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if you have any questions,plese contact us,we will reply with in 24 hours!