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Material Introduction:

Albite is one of the Feldspars and common feldspar mineral, it is NaAlSi3O8 of Sodium. Normally albite exists as glassy crystals, it can be colorless and can also be white , yellow , red, green or black colors. It is the main material for making glasses and ceramics. Many rocks have albite and people called these rocks rock-forming minerals. Albite is used to make ceramics, soups, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, glasses , grinding tools and etc, it is mainly used as glazes in ceramics.

Albite ore processing:

Shanghai Xuanshi Machinery is a professional manufacture for suppling equipments in albite ore processing. We supply the whole complete albite ore processing equipments according to customers’ needs. Our company is devoted to research and development in albite ore processing technology, exploiting the newest and high performance solutions and designs for our customers continually. Our performance advantages :1, advanced ore beneficiation principle, reliable operation. 2, increased comprehensive performance. 3, convenient maintenance, save time. 4, large capacity and high efficiency. 5, investment benefits in short time.


Except being used as industry materials , the usage of albite in ceramics has reached to 30% , and also be widely used in other chemical and other industries. 1, Glass solvent: albite is one of the main elements in glass mixtures, it includes rich Al2O3 and few Iron , can decrease the usage of soda. 2, Ingredient of ceramics body: albite can barren the materials before the ceramic body to be burned into shape, reduce the ceramic body shrink and transformation , improving drying performance and reducing drying time. When ceramic body is burned albite can be used as flux agent to be filled in the body, making ceramic body ticker and reducing the gap, and also improving the translucent of the body. 3, Ceramic glaze: ceramic glaze is mainly composed of albite , silica and clay. And quantity of albite is 15%-35% among these elements, it is the key ingredient for making high quality ceramic. 4, Ingredient of enamel: mainly use albite and other mineral materials to make enamel , and usually reaches to 20%-30% in quantity. 5, Others: it can also be used as good material to make chemical fertilizer.


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if you have any questions,plese contact us,we will reply with in 24 hours!