magnetic vibrating feeder

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Magnetic vibrating feederAdvantages:

1.Small dimension, easy installation

2.Low noise,small power consumption

3.Light weight,high working frequency

4.Stable vibration,reliable operation

5.Long service life.

Introduction to Magnetic vibrating feeder :

This machine is used to convey materials from hopper or other storage equipments to received materials equipments uniformly or quantitatively, is an necessary equipment in automation flow process industry。 It has two types: Open type and Closed type. Besides,we can also produce magnetic vibrating feeder,hopper and belt conveyor as per customers’ requests.

Structural features of magnetic vibrating feeder:

Easy structure,easy operation,small power consumption,feed materials uniformly and wide use. It is generally used to feed loose materials. As per the performance requirement,configuration design is necessary to minimize the materials’ pressure to the trough; the hopper discharging outlet should less than 1/4 of trough width,and the materials’ feeding speed should be within 6-18m/min as per the machines’ performance; as for very large materials,high enough baffle should be installed at the bottom of hopper’s discharging outlet;and for not influence the feeder’s performance,baffle should not be fixed on the trough. And for better discharge materials,the triangle of hopper should be 55-65°

Performance features of magnetic vibrating feeder:

1.Use half-wave rectifier circuit, can adjust materials feeding unlimited, and be used in the production process with automatic control in order to realize the automatic production process.

2.No rotary spare parts,no need to lubrication,easy operation,convenient maintenance.

3.Do micro movement,small wear of trough.

4.Configure alloy steel through, be used to convey materials which worn under high temperature and corrosive materials.


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