actively carry out the "safe production" activities, strengthen the full sense of safety

To conscientiously implement the Party issued the documents related to production safety special rectification of the spirit, the company strengthen safety production supervision and management, organizational learning spirit of the document and staff to implement, regularly carry out safety checks and self-examination, to prevent the accident risks, to avoid accidents from happening. We always adhere to safety on top of all the work, adhere to personally take the leadership, system improvement, effective management, checks in place, the rapid rectification of the principle of production safety work has shown a steady run trend, the year did not find major security accident, the safety to play a positive role in the production for the company and all-round development of the economy provide a strong guarantee

Security for people's daily lives is a top priority. Talk about how happy no security? No security of life, how can be guaranteed? In the real world, we often see some workers simply work hard regardless of ambient conditions, some of the leaders talk about the interests and benefits rather than talk about safety, safety of the mouth of some comrades constantly, and no job security Shiyou, to Our production activities laid insecurity.

Summary of the "safe production" activities, mainly in the following points need to be mentioned, hoping to take the safety of their production activities to improve staff awareness of safety factors will all unsafe nipped in the bud stage, to ensure that production activities and good for fast smooth.

First, the company attaches great importance to the leadership and responsibility assigned to the individual

Our leaders always put safety important work in a prominent position, and included in the agenda, in accordance with safety management by objectives to make the overall safety requirements, and security officers responsible for specific duties, adjusted and strengthened the safety leadership team clear the safety of their responsibility to team members, so that each responsibility assigned to the grassroots, to further establish and improve the production safety duties, a clear division of responsibility to the people, at every level, layers of implementation, is responsible for all branch work safety leadership, supervision, inspection, regular safety inspections, in an important period of important festivals and special inspection.

Second, to strengthen safety publicity, increase employee safety awareness

Company executive branch repeatedly in various forms in the main factory posting safety posters, distribution of safety recommendations for the guidance manual, carry out monthly safety quiz activities, and obtain good results. Organizations of workers to learn the spirit of relevant documents, to strengthen safety education, enhance the sense of real depth, earnestly implement the "people-oriented, safety first, prevention first" policy.

Third, repeated examination of areas of responsibility for timely rectification of problems

Do safety inspections, timely detection of problems and eliminate hidden dangers, plug the loopholes, is the most effective way to ensure safety, company safety group normalization and institutionalization of the production activities of the company effective and timely, careful examination, to detect safety risks, speedy resolution of safety problems, to improve the company's security capacity, promote good steady state of the company's production development.

To enhance the implementation of safe production responsibility system, to prevent security incidents, to ensure the safety of workers and company property, and strengthen the safety production supervision, strengthen risk management, increase safety and inspection, strict implementation of the "gang responsible for the strict implementation of safety regulations "system, full implementation of the safety of the main responsibilities, and levels of responsibility for production safety goals, step by step clear division of responsibilities and further refine the safety responsibility system, strictly implement preventive measures, so that a clear mandate and responsibility to the people, measures are in place, work effectively to ensure the security situation was stable.

Fourth, the company regularly held safety meetings, safety analysis summary of the discussion

On to the company leadership to junior staff on a regular basis under the opening of self-examination and summary of safety seminars, safety production some time ago summed up the various problems encountered, for more extensive discussions have a positive effect for the safety of ideas and proposals for long-term safety effectively provides a very good condition, production safety awareness deep into the hearts of everyone in the company, while employees at the grassroots level to carry out the production of an important discussion for safety, enhance the company's junior staff ownership identity and actively participate in the company's safety activities.


In short, the production safety work, and make sure the leadership of attention, well-organized, funding the implementation of activities rich in content, solid and effective work, the actual effect is obvious, as the security company the successful completion of production activities to provide strong security protection, through the organization of implementation of the inspection, and enhance the safety awareness of workers, universal security knowledge, foster a new security concept, eliminating the many security risks, effective protection of the safe working smoothly.

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